OBAAT helps 200 more children go to school

“Kyakagunga Primary is a community school 47km along Fort Portal – Kamwenge road near the edge of Kibale National Park, Kamwenge District, Western Uganda. The land for the school was donated by Kyakagunga Catholic Church, but the school is open to everyone, regardless of religion. It is in a very rural area where most of habitants are farmers. Before OBAAT intervention, the School had 4 classrooms and one latrine with 3 stances to share with approximately 70 students and staff. Now the building can accommodate 200 students. The initiative and most of the funds for this project came from Ngogo Chimpanzee Project, a NGO which preserves and studies chimpanzees inside nearby Kibale Forest.

Foundations of school buildingVMM partner, One Brick at a Time has delivered the construction of a brand new 2 classrooms building with store and office, water harvesting system with 6000 litres capacity, 6 stances latrine with a water harvesting system for hand washing facility, 30 student desk benches, 2 office desks/chairs and a kitchen shed constructed with roof and walls in iron sheets.


Initially it was planned to build the classrooms building only, however along the project as the dollar rate raised and funds had increased we decided to build the extras. Latrines are very important in rural school in Uganda, because most of the girls drop studies because of lacking safe toilets facilities. Also the hand washing basin, with water collected from latrines roof, has the potential to reduce effectively the spread of diseases at the school. With 6 classrooms now the school will be able to apply for government support.

One Brick at a Time and VMM is grateful to Ngogo Chimpanzee project who kindly has donated the funds for this great project which will certainly benefit direct and indirect the community of Kyakagunga and surrounding area, Kamwenge district, Uganda.”

Finished school building

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