About VMM and its Work

VMM is a lay Christian development organisation. We recruit, train and support professionally qualified lay personnel to work in areas of great need in developing regions of Africa that currently includes Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

VMM aims to build the capacity of its grass roots partners in overseas countries by supporting projects that advance education, health and community initiatives that service the relief of poverty. These objectives are achieved through the building of partnerships with church, civic and community organisations and the identification of the immediate and long term community capacity building needs.  Where the human resource requirements cannot be met locally, VMM meets these needs by recruiting skilled professionals from the UK and Ireland to fill these positions as volunteers. We work with people and communities regardless of religion, politics or social status.

To date, VMM has placed over 2,600 specialist volunteers.  Included are such roles as doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, agriculturists, M&E coordinators, accountants, builders and mechanics; and many more diverse skill sets throughout Africa on a range of projects. Each volunteer has had an untold positive impact upon the lives of those in the marginalised regions in which we assist; usually working for a period of one or two years. Currently there are over 40 volunteers assisting programmes with 25 partners in Africa.

Forty six years on, we continue to build our links mainly with Dioceses, community organisations, other charities and NGO’s.  All are jointly responsible for the health, education, development and empowerment of communities and people.

Our offices are located in Dublin, Liverpool and Glasgow serving the UK and Ireland.

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