About VMM

VMM International are an international development and volunteering organisation, and we love doing what we do! We have placed thousands of volunteers on overseas development projects in the past 50 years, which has led to astonishing results for communities and for the volunteers themselves. We help volunteers of all ages to step into communities and get stuck into projects of real value to local people and our partnerships are with strong and well-established organisations. We also offer project planning support to NGOs in development countries, helping them increase their operational capacity and become even better at what they do.

We currently work in in Africa and Asia playing our part to deliver Sustainable Development Goals. We work to help our grassroots partners take care of the needs that local people tell us are most important to them. Projects tend to cover education, health to community development initiatives and we have partnerships with civic, community and church organisations. VMM are a faith-based group, and we maintain an all-inclusive organisation and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or politics.


A world where we live in the shelter of one another


To share who we are and not just what we have

Our Values and behaviours

Our Values and behaviours are fundamental to how VMM operates. They have real meaning for everyone who is part of VMM where there is an absolute equality between all, from the Volunteer Lay Missionary (VM) in the field through to the volunteer in our shops and every other colleague and trustee that comes together within our ministry.

Our shared Values unite us, define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for. They set out how we should act, how we should be seen and measured. Ultimately our values and behaviours inform how we make our decisions, at any point in time and in all circumstances.

Our Values

These values describe VMM, what drives the individual and the organisation. It is not just a list of well-meaning words and terms. Each one matters and when taken as a whole, they inform how we will deliver our vision and mission.


VMM have Christian roots, motivation and ethos, and we maintain an all-inclusive organisation and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or politics. What matters a full-hearted commitment based upon responding to the call of the VMM vision and mission. Faith for VMM is about hope, commitment and a belief in doing whatever is right to make a positive difference wherever we are called to do so.


For self and all others in the global community, united in a common bond of mission to make a positive and lasting positive difference wherever we are called to work.


Our internal compass is aligned to true north and so determines how we act in holding ourselves to account. This is about our being known for transparency, accountability and honesty in in every aspect of all our activities.

Compassion & commitment

We each need both, as one without the other will not make the difference we all seek in giving the care and empathy that, alongside hope, leads to positive action to transform lives. It must be trustworthy, dependable and there for the long term.


To care enough to take a risk and to sometimes fail. To commit and to give as part of something bigger without ever expecting anything in return, accepting that we may never witness or measure the long term return from our work, but have faith in just knowing that a difference has been made.

Our Behaviours

Our four behaviours inform how we act on a day to day basis, how we interact with each other and what our partners can expect at every contact with anyone who represents VMM. We will be measured and appraised against each, but we are not all perfect and when we don’t quite get it right we will learn and move forward.

  • We listen to understand
  • We do what we say we will do and honour our word
  • We actively engage and support each other
  • We learn and share continuously
  • We deliver value in all we do

Collectively our values and behaviours define the culture within VMM. A culture that will recognise and respond to need that really has been articulated and informed by those individuals and communities we are here to share our lives with. We are part of a wider process of meaningful engagement that through actions will generate a positive difference, to be made, experienced and sustained by those who endure a sometimes obscene level of inequality.

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