Ber, Development Coordinator, Uganda

Volunteer Women in Development Coordinator for Caritas Kampala in Uganda

Ber works under the Caritas Kampala Diocese in the Gender in Development Programme. The current activities include: Capacity building on thematic areas, agricultural activities, vocational and soft skills trainings, cottage industries, sanitation and hygiene programmes, saving and credit scheme and business consultancy services to the organised woman groups.

Caritas Kampala is a faith based non profit making Organisation working with Communities at grass root level regardless of one’s religion, race, culture and political affiliation. The main beneficiaries of CK are the poor and marginalised (men, women, youth, children), discriminated communities, victims of human rights violation, subsistence farmers mainly growing crops like coffee, maize, beans as their staple food and those engaging in micro enterprises.

They believe that if Women and Women’s organisations or associations are empowered with skills, information, sustainable livelihoods, opportunities to fulfil their potential, plus the capacity and space to make transformational choices, then we will have vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities.

While the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and Girls has made great progress in the attempt to achieve Gender equality since its formation in 1946. And while women’s and girl’s issues vary by location, to date the struggle remains global. In Africa the Catholic Church has played a positive and active role in voicing women and girl’s rights placing emphasis on the ‘feminization of poverty’ as a key problem both within the church and society at large.

It is against this background and compounded by the needs of Women and Girls in the aftermath of the civil war that Caritas Kampala in 1986 established a Women’s Desks to provide relief services. Since its existence, Women’s Desk has grown considerably providing a diverse range of activities that address the holistic needs of a woman and girls


  • A just and peaceful environment where Women/Girls live in dignity, and assert themselves in Church and Society at large.


  • Is to mobilise financial, human and material resources to advance Women’s and Girl’s rights and Gender equality in the Archdioceses of Kampala.


  • Enhancing the capacity of women’s groups and associations to be more effective in poverty reduction work.
  • To promote socio- economic status of women in order to enhance the dignity of women.
  • Contribute to a conducive environment to enable women and the girl children uphold their legal status and human rights.
  • Promoting Gender sensitive understanding and practices within the church.
  • Enhancing women’s and men’s spiritual development for ensuring effective human integral development

Ber at Caritas Kampala

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