Caritas Kampala

Caritas Kampala (CK) is the social services and economic development Department of the Catholic Church the Archdiocese of Kampala, Uganda. CK has been in existence since 1973 carrying out socio–pastoral activities within the administrative districts of: Kampala, Mpigi, Butambala and Wakiso complementing Government development initiatives. The Archdiocese of Kamapala covers a geographical area of 3,664.75 square kilometres with an estimated population of 6,077,716 spread across 68 Ecclesiastical functioning Parishes

CK is a faith based non profit making Organisation working with Communities at grass root level regardless of one’s religion, race, culture and political affiliation. The main beneficiaries of CK are the poor and marginalised (men, women, youth, children), discriminated communities, victims of human rights violation, subsistence farmers mainly growing crops like coffee, maize, beans as their staple food and those engaging in micro enterprises.

VMM continues to work with Caritas Kampala in building long term capacity by placing long term volunteers to several projects (Gender in Development Project) We also have short term placements in many schools, orphanages and projects that will benefit from the partnership

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