Fundraising is a great way to help more people and more organisations in Africa. It can also be great fun!

There are many organised fundraising events that you can get involved with, through your school, with your company or as an individual. Many events allow you to enter on behalf of a charity. If you are interested in assisting VMM, please let us know. Every event helps to make a lasting change in people’s lives

If you are interested in getting started now, go to our user friendly online site and make your own fundraising page on Everyclick You can then get creative in developing your page and asking people to go to your site to donate. This could be to sponsor you for any fundraising event or just to donate to help you raise your goals.

The donation will then go directly to VMM as a donation for your efforts. We will keep a tally of this electronically. In addition, we have sponsorship forms that you ask friends, corporations, colleagues and church members to complete for your fundraising. If you are fundraising to go overseas you can use these same methods and we will send you a fundraising pack to assist. Just contact your local VMM office.

Thanks to everyone who participates in an run, climb or biking event or organises a bake sale or coffee morning for us.

When using a public fundraising page, please ensure you use appropriate photos and text that best represent your organisation and ours.

We recommend as a guide the The Dochas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages.


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