Humans of VMM

From left to right: Eilis Mc Donald, VMM’s positive discipline mentor; Tadeo Bwenyondo and Vincent Byaruhanga, facilitators of positive discipline; Roisin Ni Fheinne, VMM volunteer in teacher training

This months’ Humans of VMM is introducing Tadeo and Vincent, who are facilitators in positive discipline. They both received training from Eilis McDonald, VMM’s positive discipline mentor. Since 2015 they have been working together. This is their story: 

“As change agents and facilitators of positive discipline programme, we are primary school teachers working and living in western Uganda.
We were young teachers not long out of college, doing our best to be good teachers. We had not really thought about how children were being discipline. We did what other teachers had done to us and many others.
However, we liked the idea of showing love and respect to children in our care. That made sense and we liked it so much, especially when we heard that there are many other forms of disciplining children that did not involve corporal punishments. We wanted to know more.
Our tutor was Eilis MacDonald and she invited us to join her and prepare a programme that we would use in our own schools, with our colleagues and finally with many other schools in our area.
We had got involved in may workshops and talked to teachers in many schools in other areas of Uganda and even in Kenyan schools in Kitale.
We have a play which we do perform in different schools, churches and parents meetings. We have had ten positive discipline plays broadcast on radio, we have also been in studio to answer phone-in questions.
People are getting the message gradually, and we are doing all we can to push it further so that our children are treated with love and respect-both at home and in schools.
We appreciate the efforts our trainer Eilis McDonald and we are so grateful to VMM International for all their endless support.”
Positive Discipline facilitators, Uganda.

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