Jakob, Project Manager, Kenya

Project Manager for Human Trafficking organisation (HAART) in Kenya

Although human trafficking is rampant in Kenya, there is little awareness and resistance to the tactics of human traffickers. Jakob works with Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) in Kenya. He recently worked on a new and exciting project called “Arts 2 End Slavery”. The purpose of the project was to create awareness on the issue of human trafficking creatively.

While human trafficking is rampant in Kenya due to poverty, there is a general lack of awareness of the issue. In addition, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2010 has been poorly implemented and does not offer victims or potential victims’ protection or assistance. HAART has been working on this issue since 2010.

Arts to End Slavery took a new approach to spread awareness by using all forms of art as a tool for communication. The project sought to collaborate with local professional artist, photographers, musicians, poets and more who will portray human trafficking using their different art forms. The artists used their skills to create visual representations of human trafficking that will help in disseminating the information about modern slavery to the public. The project which took place during May 2015 received a lot of media coverage and good turn outs at the events in different places around Nairobi.

Arts to end Slavery event with HAART

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