Keith and Sally, Lecturers, Uganda

Lecturers at Canon Apollo Core PTC, Teachers Training College in Fort Portal, Uganda.

Keith is a Woodwork and Metalwork Tutor and Sally is a Teacher Trainer and Curriculum Advisor.

A note from Sally’s monthly newsletter:

“The second year student’s return on 14th September, then it is the mad frenzy when they are preparing for their final school teaching practice. This is when each student has to make 10 wallcharts, approximately 10 Schemes of work and 50 lesson plans for the three weeks teaching.

Also, the Kabarole Rotary club asked members to think of projects that the club could get underway in the area. So we suggested the installation of ‘Tippy taps’ at two pilot schools not far from the college. This was eventually taken up by the club so we got the schools involved in the projects and it seems to be a great success.

As they are pilot schools we will be monitoring their use and up keep to see if it is worth us continuing this project with more schools in the area.”

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