Luke in Uganda 2014

Luke helped to build classrooms for the primary schools of Kitarasa, Uganda with many other participants in the OBAAT project for 3 weeks:

Volunteer Luke Ford working“I travelled to Uganda in the March of 2014 and I’m not going to lie I was a bit apprehensive at first. I didn’t know what to expect because you hear a lot of bad things about Africa in the news but what I saw was not what I had imagined Africa to be like.
Once we had met the team, Marcelo from VMM showed us around Fort Portal it was a eye opening experience to see how other people live their lives and how happy people in Africa are, it really shows that money does not bring happiness.

We then went to the school at Kitarasa that just a couple of years ago was partly demolished in an earthquake. That sight will surely stay with me forever, how there was only four finished class rooms and 2 that was just partly finished. What an accomplishment of helping the children.

Even though the work was very hard especially with the heat and humidity it was such a fulfilling experience and i would love to return to Uganda and help again.

Volunteer Luke Ford and work colleaguesOBAAT and VMM are such a great charities and doing great work in Uganda. OBAAT really did look after me. Peter was such a good site foreman and Mary who was the cook was like a second mum to me and all of the girls in the office were so friendly and there really did look after us.
Thank you.

Best regards

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