Open role: WASH Programme Manager (Guinea-Bissau)

Water and Sanitation Programme Manager (Guinea-Bissau)


VMM international development partner organisation WellFound

WellFound, bringing clean water to communities in Guinea-Bissau

VMM’s partner organisation ( is a not-for-profit international charity providing water, sanitation and health programmes in West Africa. Since 2005, WellFound has worked in 88 villages providing clean water for over 90,000 people. WellFound works in the remotest villages, which are often not reached by other NGOs or Government. The charity not only provides water, but also works on improving sanitation, health and nutrition of the poorest communities.

WellFound works with each community for 2-3 years, ensuring that the project inputs are sustainable and that the community takes full ownership. A team comprising of a project manager, health worker, agricultural technician and a number of interns work tirelessly to bring a positive impact. We train women in agriculture and also local youths in construction and mechanical skills. In the new phase of our project, we intend training local, young girls in basic natural medicine and also expanding the agricultural business to ensure additional income comes into poor families.

Our partner is currently providing support to hundreds of poor people, and there is a need to improve programme management within the organisation. To achieve this, a Programme Manager Volunteer is required.

Benefits of Volunteering with VMM International

Volunteering with VMM International comes with a range of advantages and incentives for volunteers. This is a fully funded post: volunteers are provided with a generous living allowance, return flights, free accommodation, orientation training, specialist insurance, 24/7 support and more.

Other benefits include membership of VMM International ’s community of current and returned volunteers and numerous professional development opportunities. All volunteers are asked to fundraise in the region of €1500 toward their placement. We offer significant support for this.

The Role

An experienced and dedicated volunteer with a background in project management or engineering, from a range of sectors including the private, public or not-for-profit sector, you will be based in Guinea Bissau for 1 year and possibly a second pending funding. You will be reporting to the CEO of WellFound and, in addition, work very closely with the Project Manager (Guinea Bissau) and train him on key project cycle management and community assessment skills. You will be responsible for:

  • Providing technical advice and support to the Project Manager of Guinea Bissau in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation (both financial and narrative) of the programme
  • Developing and implementing a new monitoring and evaluation system
  • Performing community-focused research and planning
  • Technical oversight and development of Wellfound’s Water and Sanitation projects


VMM International’s partner organisation is seeking an experienced and dedicated volunteer with a background in project management or engineering from a range of sectors including the private, public or not-for-profit sector. The successful candidate will:

  • Have an extremely high level of organisational management skills
  • Demonstrable programme management experience in a developing country
  • An engineering background would be a great advantage.

To Apply

If you are a determined individual seeking an opportunity in international development and  looking to contribute to the lives of the poorest, email your CV and a cover letter in strictest confidence to  for further information.

The closing date for applications is 15th May 2019 

VMM international development partner organisation WellFound WASH projects

WellFound’s WASH projects’ results in Guinea-Bissau

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