Emily, Sophie and Eilis, Safeguard Mentors, Uganda

Safeguarding Mentoring Project

VMM has been implementing a vital partner capacity development project in the area of Child Safeguarding and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults. We have assisted the development of policies and have trained personnel in 22 partnerships since 2011. This project will be continued with VMM partners in East Africa with the help of 2 Safeguarding Mentors.

  • The Safeguarding Mentors will visit VMM Partners for 1-2 months at a time. We hope these visits will provide VMM and our Partners with a better picture of where Partners are in terms of safeguarding and will help to roll out safeguarding recommendations to create a safer environment for children and vulnerable adults. Elements of the project will include:
  • Provide 2 Safeguarding Mentors to Partners in East Africa, who on a roaming basis, will visit partners for 1-2 months at a time facilitating child safeguarding audits and assisting Designated Officers with 22 VMM Partner organisations in rolling out recommendations from the audits.
  • Introduction of the Compliance Questionnaire to Partner Organisations in order to maximise VMM’s understanding of the level to which policies and procedures are being adhered to.
  • Review the Child Safeguarding Checklist practice and redesign to incorporate a joint completion of the checklist by the Designated Officer, the VMM Personnel within the project and a member of leadership/management.
  • During this time VMM will also encourage partners to ensure that their Child Safeguarding policies are amended to include protection of Vulnerable Adults.
  • Provide distance learning KODE training in child safeguarding to any newly appointed Designated Officers who have not yet received the training.
  • Review and updating of the VMM Child Safeguarding Policy and Partner Child Safeguarding Policies in light of anticipated changes from 7 to 9 standards within the Irish National Safeguarding Board. Provision of a Kiswahili version of the VMM policy.
  • Promote Positive Discipline methods and techniques in primary schools. This will build upon VMM and Misean Cara work supported in Fort Portal. Materials used will include those produced in Uganda by Raising Voices.

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