Sandy, Nurse Trainer, Sierra Leone

Nurse Trainer at the St John of God School of Nursing in Lunsar, Sierra Leone.

Sandy worked at the Matata Hospital in 2006 in Kenya. Here she was a public health nurse with the main goal to improve standards of the Hospital. In 2008, her post was in the Mother of Mercy Hospice in Zambia where she worked in palliative care with many HIV and Aids patients.

From 2011 until the Ebola crisis she worked in Sierra Leone. “I arrived in Sierra Leone in September 2011. My role there was to teach in the St John of God Catholic School of Nursing, (Mabessanah Lunsar), as a nurse tutor. I found wherever I went in Africa, the students were so eager for knowledge and it made my work easier. I often heard the phrase, “knowledge is power”, and in Sierra Leone it was no different.

The School was closed down in 2014 due to the Ebola virus and Sandy is anxious to return to assist in training additional nurses and visit again with many friends.

Sandy is quite excited that she will return to work again this year with St John of God.

Sandy training students at St John of God Nursing School

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