Short-Term Programme Continues Success

Life Changing Experiences from Two of VMM’s Short-Term Volunteers:

“Shocked is an understatement, when I told my family and friends that I was going to be volunteering in Uganda for four weeks”, Louise Dobinson told us. “I was constantly asked, ‘Why?’, with many people fearing for my safety. In my eyes, experiencing a new culture as well as engaging in community development was a good enough reason to volunteer in Africa.”

Short-term volunteer assisting primary school students

Louise participated in VMM’s short-term programme assisting primary students in St Noah’s school in Uganda.

“I was unsure what to expect when I signed up for the trip as I’d never been to Africa before, yet the month that I had fulfilled all expectations. The constant buzz and beeps of traffic from jeeps and motor cycles (boda boda’s) to lush greenery is something that I was very surprised at. Children at a young age of 2 were street wise and knew to avoid moving vehicles.

In Nansana, Kampala, I assisted in schools St. Joseph’s and St. Noa’s. Both started at 6am, and ended at 4pm, but for those sitting exams it was not surprising to see children leaving school at 6pm, with only short breaks throughout the day. Education was taken very seriously, with some children walking over an hour each day to attend. I realised then how much I took education for granted.”

Short-Term Volunteering is for All Ages:

The short-term programme allows volunteers of all ages to work directly alongside VMM long-term projects. Opportunities exist from two weeks to six months, in teams or individual placements and internships. Volunteers contribute to improvement in the overseas host community and broaden the horizons and inspire a continued concern to supporting global justice and development issues for the volunteer.

VMM has more than 30 partners in Africa who can assist with the development of short-term projects.

Short-term volunteer on safari

Marie Rice on Safari during her short-term volunteer placement

Marie Rice (above left on safari) spent a month in Uganda as a volunteer at a primary school and recently and returned in August. She worked daily in the school and with the community.

“I was made very welcome by the staff and students here in Rubirizi Uganda (oh and by the mosquitos too!). We were awoken each day at 6.00 am by loud drums! Schools here have classes of 80-plus children but they were all so polite and willing to learn. I also stood on the Equator the other day – so amazing. “Marie had a great desire to experience Africa following a successful career, and in Uganda was able to meet a student she sponsors.

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