Short-term volunteer projects offer variety

VMM’s short term programme is launching this year programmes beginning in Uganda and Malawi.

ChildrenCurrent project leaders have been busy organising projects with overseas partners to begin as soon as November. Additional projects will begin in early 2016.

The new initiative will allow volunteers of all ages to work directly alongside local people and coordinators for 3-6 weeks in a developing country on projects to assist underprivileged communities in several countries in Africa.  Contribution will assist development in the overseas host community, as well as broaden the horizons of volunteers and motivate them to continued concern and commitment to support global justice and development issues.  (A variety of projects are focused on those 18-25 years of age for initial development experience)

The short term initiatives will include delivering primary teaching workshops and assisting in environmental and health projects with our partners. We also plan to assist specific mission organisations in the near future.

Limited experience is required for most projects. Volunteer recruitment will be taking place over the next few months and participants can expect to begin after an initial interview and training programme.

The programme focus is about assisting projects in Africa and learning what people face on a daily basis. It will assist children and families; communicating with and understanding their life and needs. Participants will aim to learn about the issues surrounding poverty and justice and peace through the project and with additional training.


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