Showcasing the VMM Short Term Volunteer Programme

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VMM Offers Long As Well As Short Term Volunteering

Our Short Term Volunteering Programme was established three years ago to run alongside our longstanding Long Term Volunteering Programme. The Long Term Programme is open to those who are committed international development volunteers, as well as retired, established professionals in their field of expertise or those who are taking a career break; all of whom are willing to share their skills and experience with our partner organisations in East, West and Southern Africa on placements which run from one to two years.

Short Term Volunteering with VMM International: Work, Learn, Share

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Teacher trainers, teachers and teaching assistants

Our Short Term Programme is also open to this same cohort of professionals and also to students, studying or with a keen interest in a relevant area, who are looking to put their studies and skills to work, while learning a new culture through immersion, working and living with a new community overseas. VMM’s short term placements are based on a partnership approach to international development and volunteering. In this way, our short term volunteers, usually from countries in the Global North, get a real African experience, to learn new approaches in their field of study from longstanding local practices, become aware and practice the principles within development education and similarly learn and share in the collective aims, objectives, as well as, responsibilities and actions, of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  We offer short term volunteer placements from four weeks to six months, when a volunteer’s skills and interest match our partner’s need.

50 Years of International Development & Volunteering Experience

VMM Volunteer Ann O'Malley, Grp 1, Uganda 1969-71

Medical staff of all disciplines

This year we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, when our charismatic and most determined founder, Edwina Gateley, established VMM in 1969 as one of the very first lay missionary volunteer organisations to train and support skilled volunteers and global citizens who wished to share their skills with people in other communities overseas. A faith-based organisation, founded in this mission to commit to live, work and learn within a host community as a friend and guest, VMM welcomes volunteers of all faiths and none who are willing to take on such a mission, to do more than just volunteer, but to “share who we are, not just what we have”.

Matching Your Skills With Our Partners’ Needs

With 50 years of experience and building of partnerships we have an array of volunteering opportunities and can find the ideal opportunity that will suit your needs and those of our partners. You can see the general areas below which are on offer on projects with our partner organisations. In addition, if you do not have either four weeks+ or two years to volunteer overseas we also have opportunities for you to volunteer your skills and experience with us in our Dublin and Liverpool offices and would be delighted to hear from you.

Short Term Placement Opportunities

  • Human Rights: projects include anti-trafficking, girl empowerment, gender equality, women’s hygiene projects and children’s rights.
  • Healthcare: a wide range of opportunities for professionals, final year students, masters or PhD students in various disciplines. Experienced trainers are also much in need by our partners for practice and policy development.
  • Teaching Placements, Teacher Trainers and Assistants. Qualified teachers are much in demand for primary and secondary level.
  • Agriculture & Environmental projects around food security and sustainability among others
  • ICT trainers are in demand as the digital influence moves deeper into rural areas, business systems and networks
  • Finance and Administration are always in demand by many partner organisations
  • With over thirty partner organisations in Africa we have a wide range of research opportunities in health and human rights and many more and research proposals are also welcome

Click the link for further information on VMM’s Short Term Programme and download our application form, read about the volunteering experience from some of our short term volunteers blogs or email and we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and help to find you the ideal short term volunteer placement.

Short Term Volunteers Margaret Fitzpatrick

Short term volunteering is a learning experience and fun, as well as working for and empowering community development


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