Teaching ICT Skills Goes A Long Way

Education and Skills in International Development:

VMM ICT Training

A student receives the benefits from VMM long term volunteer ICT teacher training in Zambia.

By teaching ICT at two schools in Zambia, VMM volunteer, Melissa Scott, learned an important lesson about international development – that people education and skills to make proper use of their resources. Read her story below:

When I heard that the Zambian school where I was going to be working had an ICT lab, I was very excited. In my teaching job in the UK, I was head of computing and very passionate about educating children in technology.

Teaching the Teacher:

Computers are still a novelty in Chilanga, the small town outside the capital city Lusaka where I work. I was incredibly impressed by the carefully set out ICT lab with 12 computers. I spent the first few weeks checking textbooks and reading online about the curriculum. The first challenge hit me immediately: 85 children and 12 computers. Then I told them to turn on the computers – and was met by blank faces.

In the following days I got another reality check. Yes, this school had computers; yes, the curriculum said Technology Studies should be taught; but the reality was that the teachers did not know how to use a computer.

Fast-forward eight months and the teachers are now planning and teaching weekly Technology Studies lessons, some confidently, We have come a long way! We basically worked through the entire curriculum.

Sharing Who We Are, Not Just What We Have:

In all this there have been some standout moments which make me realise the importance of not just giving ‘stuff’ but giving the skills to go with them. That’s how we empower people.

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By Melissa Scott, VMM Volunteer

Melissa and teaching colleagues in Zambia


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