VMM International Parish Appeals

Parish Appeals

VM Cecil Johnston at St Peter’s Parish in Gloucester. Cecil has helped VMM with many appeals in 2017

Motivations and Benefits of Volunteering on Parish Appeals:

My wife, Fiona, and I love carrying out Parish Appeals on 3 or 4 weekends each year. Why do we love them? Firstly, fundraising like this means we can collect sometimes over £1000 per weekend which supports VMM and provides money for a wide variety of activities. Secondly, we visit parts of the country as far apart as Alnwick and Bristol and Beaconsfield and Buxton and have time for some sightseeing between the 11 am and 6pm Masses on Sundays.

Meet the VMM Family, New and Old Friends:

Thirdly, we meet very different and interesting parishes and see a wide variety of approaches used by the Priests. Fourthly, it is great meet the parishioners, some of whom are returned volunteers from VMM or other charities in Africa, and hear their stories. Fifthly, it is wonderful to meet potential volunteers including, most recently, potential short-term volunteers. Many of these are youngsters but a large number are retirees who want to experience the joy of volunteering with VMM.

Why don’t you consider helping VMM by offering to carry out a Parish Appeal one weekend? You can also make a donation online and to our charity shops.

by Trustee Bill Chambers


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