VMM International’s Dublin Office Moves to Rathmines

VMM International staff and volunteer interns are very excited, not only about the relocation of the Dublin office to a new premises, but also that it is shared by a number of other faith-based and lay mission international development and volunteer organisations. In this new location, in a haven of philanthropic spirit, work and good deeds, we truly are in a mini, “world where we live in the shelter of one another”, “sharing who we are, not just what we have”.

VMM International's new Dublin Office

VMM International’s new Dublin Office

Relocation to a World Where We Live in the Shelter of One Another

VMM International received a welcome, appreciated and timely Christmas gift by accepting the very generous invitation from World Missions Ireland to share their office space. The move has taken us from the old premises in Middle Abbey Street not too far away, to a beautiful location on Rathmines Road Lower. With the limitations of restricted funding meaning that administrative operations in most charities run on a tight budget, and with the spiraling property situation in Ireland, particularly in Dublin, this had meant that a location in the inner city was proving to be a very costly overhead. At our time of need, our hopes were heeded and World Missions Ireland answered our prayers with the invitation to come and share their hearth.

Sharing Who We Are, Not Just What We Have

The ample spatial dimensions and shared kitchen facilities have made the work environment more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable, with many new colleagues, with similar motivations and outlooks of charity and mission, to share a coffee with or recommendations on the best, convenient lunch venue. This then often leads on to debating the bigger issues of the day and our complicated world of turmoil, poverty and uncertainty and how we best address this.

Everybody is delighted with the move. The only note of discontent has been from Dave, one of the interns, who is mildly disgruntled that the office does not have a Govindas restaurant conveniently placed over the road, as was the case on Middle Abbey Street. The altruistic and supportive atmosphere of religious, international development and volunteer organisations in our new abode has done much to help him accommodate this upset.

The New VMM International Dublin Office Address Is:

VMM International's new Dublin Office view left

View towards the canal

VMM International's new Dublin Office view right

View towards Rathmines town centre


64 Lower Rathmines Road
Dublin 6
D06 N2H1




If you would like to help support the administrative operation of VMM International offices, which support and facilitate the excellent work of our projects overseas please follow this link to Donate. We are most grateful of your support.

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