VMM Prepares for Short Term Projects 2017!

Phoebe Pennington in class in Uganda

VMM offer a wide variety of short term volunteer experiences in Africa with our partners in 2017. We are offering an exciting opportunity to volunteer in Kampala, Uganda next summer for four weeks. Groups of 8-10 volunteers will take part in teaching assistance at local primary schools in the Nansana area; this will include helping teachers with lessons within classrooms (such as English), as well as Art and Music lessons, P.E sessions and other after school activities.

VMM is also offering a community development placement in Ungweru, Malawi for four weeks during summer 2017, which again includes a group of 10-12 volunteers working within the local community in the areas of youth work, teaching assistance, and home care for HIV affected groups.

In addition to our placements in Uganda and Malawi, we have new opportunities with our partner organisation in Ghana. These placements are not carried out during a set time period; that is, they are on-going projects, so VMM have the flexibility to send a volunteer, either individually or within a group, at any time of the year for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 3 months. If you are applying for a placement in Ghana, therefore, please specify when you are available to travel and for how long. We are hoping to have a team to carry out a placement during the Easter break, for example. The placements available in Ghana include childcare, sports coaching, film & photography and building projects.

It is important to note that you do not have to hold experience to apply. VMM provide all volunteers with a two day training session prior to your placement, which ensures that you are fully prepared to take on your duties, in addition to gaining awareness of cultural differences, health, security and so on.

If you are interested in a placement with VMM, please contact your regional office or request information by sending your CV to recruit@vmminternational.org

Check out our most recent video from three volunteers who spent their 2016 summer teaching in Uganda.



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