VMM UK Office to Continue Work of Irish Office

Almost 50 Years of VMM Irish Office

It’s with deep regret that that the Board of Directors of VMM International, an Irish-incorporated charity, has decided that the company should be wound up in accordance with its Constitution, in a timely and orderly fashion. This follows a meeting of the trustees in Dublin in July of this year. It was also agreed that the UK office, as a separate charity, would continue the good work of the organisation.

This means that operations and administrative work from the Irish Office for VMM will now be closed from the end of September 2019 but operations will continue from the UK office.

The decision was made with a heavy heart as there is a great appreciation of the support the charity has from its members, the faith and voluntary sector and the Irish Aid programmes administered through Misean Cara.

The decision reflects the changing environment in which VMM is working both in Ireland and in the development sector. The increased administrative demands on a small charity to ensure accountability and compliance to funders meant that more resources were needed at home than could be justified for the levels of volunteering activity overseas. In addition, the board of trustees agreed that a timely and orderly withdrawal was in our control at this moment and with predicted reducing income this would not be the case over the coming months.

VMM is proud of its office work based in the Republic of Ireland and grateful of the support given to it by so many people who have volunteered their time and commitment to the charity. In particular, the trustees appreciate the support of staff, the missionary congregations that have been our partners at home and overseas and also Misean Cara for the funding of projects supported by VMM in developing countries that have improved the lives of thousands of people through training and education, medical, technical and agricultural assistance.

Going forward, VMM as an international volunteering organisation will build on the legacy and success of our work through our Irish-based charity and continue the mission of the charity through its UK based operation in Liverpool.

There is much to look forward to in working with current partners, volunteers and projects. The 50th anniversary will be a time to refocus our energy and resources for VMM’s future.

With warm regards,

VMM Board of Trustees

If you require additional information, please email us at info@vmminternational.org


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