Short Term Programme in Uganda

Uganda is rich in wildlife and habitats. The country has semi-desert areas in the north-east, swampland along the Albert Nile in the northwest and savannah across some regions. The people of Uganda are diverse. They are divided into more than 11 ethnic groups and speak over 40 different languages. Although English is spoken in many parts of Uganda, quality English education for children is still lacking.

classroom, UgandaProjects in Uganda focus on Education and Construction in regions near Kampala and Fort Portal. VMM partners include urban and rural primary schools, orphanages and kindergarten. Construction projects often are linked to educational, health or community programmes.

VMM’s objective is to contribute to the academic development of poor local schools, in order to provide the best opportunity for Ugandans from poorer backgrounds to still receive quality education. Teaching programs can include arts and crafts, structured play, music/singing, sports, health, and academics.

Volunteers working in our teaching projects can make a significant and meaningful contribution in the lives of local children by helping to sharpen and polish these important language skills as well as serving as positive role models.

Volunteers interested in getting their hands dirty and see their efforts transforming communities for the better might be interested in construction projects. Those who live in rural areas with poor infrastructures are in need of better facilities, schools and housing. Often roads, schools and health centers are extremely poor, with no clean water and poor sanitation.

Short term VolunteersProjects vary from constructing and repairing houses, schools, care and health centres, toilets, and clean water sources for deprived local people; to learning traditional building techniques as well as initiating new appropriate and environmental friendly building skills.

No specific qualifications or previous experience is required to join the construction or teaching projects. Participants should bring both enthusiasm and humility to their projects. Volunteers are expected to be independent and creative, be respectful to organization leadership and work collaboratively.

Projects include:

  • Building Projects with partner One Brick at a Time in Ft Portal
  • St Joseph’s Primary School Nansana
  • St Noah’s Primary School
  • Mother Kevin Nursery- Kindergarten

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