Short Term Volunteer Roles


Ethical volunteering is essential to the VMM International Short Term Volunteer Programme and supports the identified needs of the host organisation and community. VMM International are uniquely placed to arrange placements for people looking to volunteer from one month up to six months, meeting specific requirements, expertise or interests which will positively contribute to local communities in Africa.


Whether you are a student, professional, retiree or just want to help, we will work with you to find a placement with one of our partners who will be more than happy to have you to help them. Additionally, these placements are ideal for individuals looking to improve skills and gain specific experience in volunteering and development work. VMM International projects meet the Comprehensive Compliance status with the Cómhlamh Code of Good Practice. Please contact the programme Manager, for more information.


Research Options

Volunteers can apply for research placements with our UN affiliated partner in Uganda.  This programme is suitable for professionals, PhD, masters and second year students upwards. Research areas include child protection, human rights, innovative health technologies, communicable and non-communicable diseases, HIV and AIDS, youth protection gender empowerment and much more. Volunteers will engage with community organisations actively engaging in specific research areas. Research proposals are also invited from individuals, universities and special interest NGOs.

Human Rights & Advocacy

VMM International partners with several organisations who work in and campaign for the human rights and dignity of others. Projects include anti-trafficking, girl empowerment, gender equality, women’s hygiene projects and children’s rights.


Opportunities for professionals, final year students, masters or PhD students in various disciplines such as nurses, speech therapists, special needs teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapy, podiatry, nutritionists, dieticians, midwives, HIV/AIDS care and education programmes, mental health and so much more. Experienced trainers are also much needed for practice and policy development. There are also research opportunities in communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Agriculture & Environmental

VMM International partners with several community organisations in countries such as Uganda, Malawi and Kenya, who are working on vital projects involving food security and sustainability, seed cultivation, rain-water harvesting, drought relief and crop rotation.

Teaching Placements & Teaching Assistants

VMM International have multiple opportunities for teachers and teaching assistants in primary and secondary schools, university and vocational training in Uganda and Kenya. Qualified teachers are in high demand and provide much needed guidance in addition to teaching. Teachers can assist the school in areas such as lesson planning, or teacher training, one-to-one help for the students. Teaching assistants help in the preparation of lessons and a range of after-school learning activities such as homework clubs, sports, arts and crafts and drama classes. Retired teachers are also welcome to apply for this programme.

IT, Administration & Finance Placements

Trainers in Sage and finance placements are available in Malawi in addition to IT training for youth and community projects. Our partners also require policy development, proposal applications and strategies to funders are also in high demand.

If you are interested in a specific area, profession or a general placement and you don’t see it listed here, please get in touch. VMM International partner with over 30 organisations who may have a need of your assistance.


VMM International have sent thousands of volunteers abroad in the past 50 years and we know how best to support you before, during and after your placement.  In acknowledgement of that, we have received our comprehensive compliance award from Comhlámh for the Code of Good Practice (COGP) as a sending agency. Please visit our website to find out more about our history, programmes and how you can volunteer.


The short term programme offers placements from four weeks up to six months in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi. The programmes run all year round, fitting into your own schedule and commitments, except for schools, therefore you can plan well ahead giving you plenty of time to save and/or fundraise. We recommend at least a four-week placement as you lose almost a week between travel, getting used to your surroundings etc.


Your host organisation knows what they and the community needs and they will assign duties accordingly, taking into account your knowledge, experience and skills. You should be flexible in your approach and take the opportunity to learn as well as do. You will normally have weekends off unless agreed otherwise.


We require to fundraise for your trip, which is €1,850/£1600 for a four-week placement or you may choose to cover the cost personally. Each additional week is €100/£90. This includes your meals Monday to Friday (or facilities to prepare your own meals depending on the placement), accommodation, pre-departure training, insurance, 24-hour support, in-country airport transfers, debriefing on your return, donation to your host organisation and the VMM International child safeguarding programme and contribution to the annual short term programme. You are responsible for your flights, visa and vaccinations.


Ideally, the sooner your place is secured, the sooner you can start fundraising. A structured plan is in place to give you firm goals, ie 10% deposit and three instalments of 30% each so it’s a lot easier to for you to plan and monitor your target. We provide lots of support with your fundraising and have loads of ideas for you that have worked really well for past volunteers.


Fill out the application form and send your up-to-date CV to We will get in touch with you to arrange an informal chat and commence the process for your volunteer placement.


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For further information on any of the opportunities above email the short term programme manager:

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