Why VMMs Short Term Programme

Why should I consider VMM?

VMM have sent thousands of volunteers abroad in the past 50 years (49 years to be precise) and in acknowledgement of our experience and excellent support, we have received our comprehensive compliance award from Comhlámh for the Code of Good Practice (COGP) as a sending agency. VMM know how to support volunteers before, during and after their placement.

VMM is committed to its volunteers and providing much needed support and personnel to our partners in East Africa. Your volunteer experience will be fulfilling to you and have real added value to your host organisation and the community.

VMM offer short term placements in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda in IT, human rights and advocacy, health and social care, special needs teachers, teachers in sciences and public health, research, administration, teaching assistants (volunteers don’t have to be a qualified teacher to assist in a primary school), construction, agriculture, community, gender related projects and so much more. There may also be opportunities to engage with other organisations in the area to expand your experiences.

The VMM short term programme is unique as it offers tailor made placements to suit your availability, skills, experience and what you wish to learn about African communities. Placements are open to people over 18 right up to wise owls, experts, students, professionals, retirees, academics, Mary or Joseph behind the till in the local supermarket, stay at home parent and all you need to have is respect and a passion for helping others.

If you are considering overseas volunteering in the future, your initial placement will give you the experience you need for potential placements. VMM has many positions that need to be filled by those with experience overseas and appropriate skills.

To learn more about your opportunities, read through our short term volunteer brochure and email fiona@vmminternational.org to start your memorable journey with VMM.




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